To give to eat to a wild animal it is absolutely not recommended. It’s about doing for the animal’s well-being and ours. The reasons are actually two and they are related to: Health wild animals and people. Let us not be moved if we encounter a hungry wild animal. We think we’re doing it right, but we shouldn’t feed it.

Instead, it’s a double-edged sword. In short, a wrong choice. A small piece of bread seems harmless, but it must be taken into account that animals in nature eating habits very different from the domestic. Each species has its own needs.

Animals have that too food allergy. Deer are intolerant of cornmeal. A general danger to wild animals can also be Bags from plastic that contain food. Wild beasts can ingest them and die. What is certain is that it is a pleasure and an advantage for a wild animal to find ready-made food, but it can also lead to negative food needs. In fact, if each wild animal is fed by one person, they may not be able to find food on their own.

But ultimately it is also dangerous for humans. Wild animals are unknown to humans and can disease carriers. In addition, the animal may have a seemingly harmless reaction, but then become dangerous. Feeding him may sometimes be seen not as a help but as a threat, causing theaggression of the animal.

Source: Lega Nerd

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