In film MotherNikki Caro, available at Netflix, the main character, played by Jennifer Lopez, is unnamed. In fact, on the few occasions when she identifies herself, she does so with just two words: mother or murderer. The combination could define the plot, but the script by Andrea Berloff, Peter Craig and Misha Green tries to give the story’s central figure some nuance. Which gives rise to a unique combination of the action genre and emotional drama. But history does not always manage to embrace both extremes, and it is very difficult for it to delve into each of them.

The woman played by Jennifer Lopez is a spectrum. A veteran of the army, a survivor of violence and a dark past behind her, she must contend with the possibility of revenge. Also with the emotional responsibility of caring for a daughter she gave up for adoption in an attempt to protect her. So for Mother, few options. Disappear without a trace or eventually become an unstoppable force to save his daughter Zoe (Lucy Paez) from the victim of a brutal confrontation.

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Nikki Caro’s Mother, available on Netflix, is an unfortunate and confusing combination of action and drama. Actress Jennifer Lopez plays a woman with a dark past, marked by violence, who must return to the life she gave up to protect her daughter. But the plot fails to delve into its protagonist and the apparently serious conflicts he goes through. With a rushed and superficial plot, the nameless assassin becomes a cliché of the solo army twist. With a flat and inconspicuous visual part, the film does not reveal its most interesting moments, which it neglects in favor of a cheap sensation.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Strange role for Jennifer Lopez

A normal single-seat army turn rebuilds into Mother given this figure of several words and deadly skills. That, moreover, he has an emotional purpose that makes all his efforts justified. But it’s hard for the actress to get out of her comedic register, so her role is not credible. At least not to support a plot that relies on her ability to explore her character’s mysterious emotional range.

The interpreter has real problems in order to give solidity to this outcast, who gradually shows his feelings. Instead, she is more interested in demonstrating her undeniable physical abilities. However, the mystery of the fortress supporting it fades into the background and is one of the film’s weakest points.

Motherwoman capable of anything

Nikki Caro known for live performance mulan, tries to create a tight and dangerous context to move the story forward. This is achieved at the moments when the camera captures the duality Mother, an atypical figure who sees cruelty and death as options rather than consequences. The director is trying to make his character a presence on the edge that moves in the shadows. But Mother he puts unnecessary emphasis on assassin talent when facing a legion of enemies or protecting his daughter.

Jennifer Lopez is the protagonist of Mother.
Jennifer Lopez is the main character Motherfrom Netflix.

It is not clear if Karo wants the protagonist’s introspective journey to harmonize with the desert nature that surrounds her. The shots in which the killer disappears for forced anonymity lack pulse and identity. Which gives the film a flat visual cut and overall most of the time. An obstacle to gradual maturation Motherwhose chiaroscuro is underlined as you must make decisions in order to survive Zoe.

The script hesitates in its attempt to be dark and morbid and fails to provide enough information about the world Mother lived in prior to her imprisonment. The few data the argument provides are jumbled and cliché-like in better plots. there are many corneredfrom Ted Kocheff, in a woman who moves between the limits of what is permitted. But instead of taking the standpoint of a figure torn apart by the very system in which she was created, the story moves into a predictable stretch of emotional reunion.

A lone figure facing the world

Jennifer Lopez Stars in 'Mother', Netflix's Latest Film

In the third section, it is seen that Mother will connect the protagonist’s need to prevent the murder of his daughter with his redemption. At least with a search for personality outside of his weapon skills or military strategy.

But again, the movie failed. The premise becomes unconvincing when one dwells on a figure whose greatest quality is physical dexterity and dexterity. There is not the slightest intention of giving a sense of purpose or giving meaning to a greater sacrifice. On the other hand, the killer’s relationship with Zoe it is a bond built hastily and clumsily.

In its disappointing and predictable final scene, the plot Mother this shows that all his intentions were directed towards a later reconciliation. An element that he seeks without trying to justify himself, and which lacks weight in the framework of a superficial story.

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