First scene from chapter “Divine Providence” (7×14) from Fear the walking dead (since 2015) this time again uses classical, choral and beautiful light music to create counterpoint with images of a certain everyday ritual that accompanies it. Not because they are cruel or obnoxious, but because we know very well that their vile protagonist contrasts with them.

On the other hand, during the initial installation sequence two writers’ decisions Alex DeLisle and David Johnson, who have already written eight episodes since “Buried” (4×04) and six since “Channel 4” (5×09) respectively, that we might consider. very doubtful. To the point that we very much hope that they will solve them later with some justified surprise.

One of them, coming from such an experienced character as Alicia Clarke, played by Alicia Debnam-Carey, seems to us stupid to stupidity. And the other one, which no doubt makes the above even more implausible, destroys the reasons why Luciana Gálvez Danay Garcia decides to betray Daniel Salazar Rubén Blades with the last twist of the Ophelia chapter (7×11); bad memory for us.

Scenario that doesn’t hold up as a whole


However, both the skills these people acquired during the zombie apocalypse and the ones they already had in the case of the former Salvadoran military officer from Fear the walking deadsuch as the troubled relationship that was established with Victor Strand of Colman Domingo. upset our expectations in a way which, however, does not cause us to lose sight of the aforementioned shortcomings.

The most important question In this regard, it’s about the plan Alicia Clark of Alicia Debnam-Carey and company devised to take over the tower, whether it actually exists or if they just jumped into the lion’s den without a second thought. Because at least the ambiguous antagonist had a crushing blow in store in case things didn’t go his way.

We wanted epic, and they saddled us with intimacy, and finally good; does not contradict Fear the walking dead. But you are very afraid that the king is walking around naked here and that if such unpredictability contradicts the Ophelia arc, Colman Domingo’s understanding with Victor Strand will destroy the construction of his irreparable villainy and powerful declaration of war at the end of Father (7×08).

Viewer Fatigue “Fear the Walking Dead”

fear the walking dead 7x14 divine providence crítica amc

However, we may be unfair that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s evolution of Negan Smith has delighted us so much in the past few seasons. the walking Dead, for comparing the status of a former swindler to a murderer at his height. But narrative mix “God’s Providence” from the point of view of the motivations of the characters is completely indigestible. Oh yes guys.

Directed by Edward Ornelas, originally from Grey’s Anatomy (since 2005), since mentalist (2008-2015) or Black list (since 2013), does not shine at all with its audiovisual layout and offers us useful videoand can slightly fix the script with which showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, two guys who raised spin off AMC and possibly run out of steam.

No one argues that the destruction of cover in the crossfire is incompatible with previous misadventures. Fear the walking dead nor, of course, with those of the franchise itself. But the last turn of the episode, accompanied by an outburst of anger, and the subsequent cliffhanger exhaust us this badly orchestrated dramatic cocktailwhich doesn’t fit. I hope they fix this shortcoming in the future.

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