IN MermaidRob Marshall Ariel (Holly Bailey) has a great curiosity about the surface world. Also, an almost irresistible need to reveal his secrets and the differences he holds with the underwater realm he was born into. The script by Jane Goldman and David Magee seeks to show that the main emotion of the hero is enthusiasm for everything that happens across the sea.

This is a small nuance that distinguishes it from the 1989 film. If in the original it was supposed that the idealistic heart of its protagonist is looking for love, then in this case he needs knowledge. IN Mermaid Rob Marshall, youngest daughter Triton (Javier Bardem) looking for a target.

Although, of course, she will eventually fall in love – and it is her passionate feelings that will drive the plot – this version of the classic figure is deeper. A headstrong teenager who opposes his father for his wisdom, and not for the simple naivety of rebelliousness.

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Rob Marshall’s The Little Mermaid is Disney’s best live action movie. But that doesn’t mean he completely overcame the problems of general aesthetics and vague purpose that accompany the rest of the genre. With poor visuals but excellent performance, the film has an uneven pace that becomes more apparent towards its flat, predictable ending. However, Halle Bailey’s acting and the focus on Ariel’s personality give the story a wonderful personality. Despite its excessive length and lack of ingenuity to highlight how gripping and fantastical its story is, it is a tribute to the classics and opens the door to other, deeper works in the same style.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The first problems Mermaid

Revisiting a classic – much more on the level of John Musker and Ron Clements films – is always risky, so Mermaid don’t take too much. With water scenes that are closer to animation than cinematic finishes, the first half hour pays homage to the film they’re taken from. In fact, the first scenes with the classic song phantoms roarbear a notable resemblance to the 1989 animated film.

However, one of the weaknesses live action from Mermaid This is its visual part with digital effects that interfere with the narrative more than once. The underwater world that Ariel inhabits is non-existent, noticeably unrealistic, and has some obvious lighting issues. The difficulty of translating beloved characters from the original narrative into a realistic image becomes obvious.

both crabs Sebastian (David Diggs) as flounder (Jacob Temblay) have a dirty mechanical look. However, the talent of both actors is interesting enough to support each of their scenes. The same can be said about run away (voiced by Awkwafina), in several appearances of which he adds bright humor to the story. Curious, of course, is the fact of her sex change, but the translator manages to keep her good mood and ability to make people laugh. And this despite the fact that most of the jokes and puns from the original are not.

Star in the depths of the sea

But this is definitely Holly Bailey the most important moment in the right low-risk movie. The actress prints her role in Mermaid an indomitable and hard air that surprises during the first sequences. However, she exhibits a vulnerability that lends unexpected nuances to the embodiment of the classic siren. Instead of rebelling against your father, Ariel he is trying to determine his own path and answer his deep spiritual questions. Something that the translator manages to convey with subtle power. His quest for great discoveries – and later his defense of love – is as authentic as it is sincere.

The Little Mermaid and Eric in the classic boat scene from the original Disney.

At the same time, the singer’s vocal talent adds an important emotional component. Mermaid. It is the musical numbers that give the film a much more energetic and structured rhythm than one might expect. With some lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the well-remembered melodies of the original are developed for an older audience and a new sensibility. However, the change is not so noticeable that the trace of the musician is clearly manifested in the full-length film.

Carefully, Mermaid builds its own section of new songs, interspersing the news with your favorite original lyrics. Some differences are obvious, but overall, the ability of the actress to convey emotion is an element that elevates a feature film to a level never seen before. live action. In fact, this is an extraordinary interpretation of the cult part of your world one that sets the tone for the film and gives it the best part. Also, one of his most touching scenes. To highlight, the letter change in “Kiss the Girl,” the iconic scene of the great first kiss between the main couple. Unlike the old one, which insisted on love and hinted at the need to steal a kiss, the new melody offers love as a bond that both lovers must share and undoubtedly accept.

Strengths live action

The plot dedicates time to deepening the bonds that unite the protagonist with her world and context. Javier Bardem embodies a king who, without falling into authoritarianism, has a deep connection with the ocean and rules with ancient wisdom. However, the script suggests a certain darkness that is very noticeable in the first confrontation he has with Ariel.

Halle Bailey stars in The Little Mermaid, a live action Disney original.

On the other hand, Ariel’s sisters are an addition that gives meaning to the relationship of a loving yet unique family. Pearl (Lorraine Andrea) Karina (Kaisa Mohammar), indira (Simone Ashley) Caspian (Natalie Sorrel) Bad (Caroline Conche) and Tameja (Siena King) have a pronounced personality and, for the most part, kind. However, the relationship between all of them is not well understood and almost immediately remains in the background.

IN Mermaid, this timeless universe, suspended in time, is a territory where knowledge is acquired through experience. Which gives your decision to understand the world beyond it more meaning and weight.

If earlier Ariel experienced a naive amazement in front of people, now she is accompanied by a strong sense of need to understand the unknown. Which makes the second part of the film the best argument and the most emotional of the entire production.

New sentimental partner for Mermaid

Eric (Jonah Hauer-King) is perhaps the character with the most changes from the original. From the flat cartoon prince, the actor manages to create a sensitive man who finds in Ariel an intellectual equal. Not only in how they understand each other – their scenes together are the film’s climax – but also in how they fall in love. In adaptation Mermaid, love is not accidental. A much less magical fact. It’s actually a bond that grows stronger as both protagonists discover mutual respect.

If any message sets the movie, this is what Ariel And Eric they are not meant to love. In fact, the experience is new and unexpected for her. His visit to the human world has nothing to do with chasing a glimpse of an impossible romance. In the biggest change in known history Mermaid, Ariel You want adventure, and love is just another adventure. Certainly not the only one and, although he is of great importance, he is not central to his life.

Giving your protagonist that kind of personality changes their story and adds a new dimension to their behavior. Ariel she is not a victim of circumstances and not a hostage of her fate. She is a self-willed being who is looking for her place in the world and when she finds it, she knows that she will have to make decisions in order to be happy, not to be loved.

Wicked and Wicked Witch

In his debut in live action, Ursula (Melissa McCarthy) – Pure rage, expressed with poisonous slowness. The script decides to explore his grudge against Newt, not just his malice. Gradually, the character abandons the stereotype – not looking for justification or redemption – and his motives become more understandable. The evil figure desires power. For well-founded reasons and not as vague as envy. A nuance that the translator skillfully deepens.

We could already figure it out in its previous version. But in Mermaid It is important for Rob Marshall to understand why the villain of this story can do nothing but take revenge.

The actress brings a celebratory, cynical and dark sense of humor to her role. What develops in the course of history gives more room for thinking about evil as a consequence of fact, rather than as an accident.

Mermaid does not live up to expectations

But if something regrets Mermaid it’s the film’s inability to keep up the good rhythm of the first hour until the end. In addition, his rejection of fantasy and color in favor of realism. The underwater scenes lack vitality, and while Halle Bailey lends a dynamic pace to all of her appearances, everything else seems dull by contrast.

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Mermaid it manages to overcome the general tone issues of other recent Disney productions, but it still doesn’t become essential. With no greater contribution to the story than the more determined Ariel, the blinded by his intellect Eric, and the resentful Ursula, the story feels unfinished. At its best, it pays homage to the immortal work that preceded it and became a film classic. Is this enough to justify its existence? This is a big question that remains unanswered.

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