Apple employees told the developers how the Vision Pro control will work.

In most cases, the helmet can be controlled with a glance and original finger gestures. Some mobile devices allow you to use a virtual keyboard.

Using the sensor of the Vision Pro sensor, the difference to the buttons will be recognized and the backlight will change depending on this. When users press the button, the helmet will beep.

If the user looks at the microphone icon, the helmet will automatically start voice input.

By connecting the two sensations together, people are attracted to the reservoir.

Vision Pro can combine controls with each other.

You control the cursor with the handle that directs the mouse, but if you spot the other side of the canvas and touch it, the cursor will jump over there, landing right where you’re looking. This feeling of sensation is what helps to quickly open up a large canvas.

Evgeny Krivoruchko, Apple designer

Vision Pro also supports an external keyboard and tracks that replace external controls. [The Verge]

Source: Iphones RU

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