Medical researchers involved in the treatment of HIV infection reported a fourth cure. However, we are talking about tens of millions of patients worldwide.

The combat survivor is a 66-year-old mine, a patient of the sialization center established in California “g last n” Komania “he is the same audience, a New York resident and a patient from Duseydorf, who also had di maio

Indication of the health of the patient from the “city of hope” doctors explain the re-shoot According to the testimony of the infectious disease specialist Yana Dikter, the fact that the recovered patient was the oldest is growing, which makes it possible to anticipate the detection of other elderly HIV patients who have also been diagnosed with cancer.

In March of last year, the patient was vaccinated against Covid-19, after which Dicter also noted that the battle went through advanced chemotherapy and that it can help the elderly with HIV. Be that as it may, this procedure is dangerous for most people.

An HIV conference reveals a case of a 59-year-old Spanish patient who has been in remission for 15 years after finishing treatment. According to HIV-identified President Sharon Levine, this case is different from that of the City of Hope patient, as the virus, albeit at a significant level, occurred as a result.

The case of the City of Hope patient will help create a roadmap for promising HIV treatments using CRISPR file acquisition methods, which may someday only take one shot by accident. However, so far this can only be dream.

Source: Tech Cult

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