Just hours after the first leaked PS5 Slim image was posted, now There is a video where we can see it from all angles. The material, of course, confirms the design shown in the previous photo.

The video makes it clear that we are dealing with a product slightly more compact than the original version. The PS5 Slim appears to be reducing its height by 5 centimeters. What is also appreciated with this filtration, however, is that it is slightly thinner.

There is a black stripe on the lids on both sides. The one on the left would just be a visual detail. However, the one on the right could be the cut that would have been rumored to sever removable drive.

We also noticed that the external bulge caused by the integration of the disc player has changed its design. The current PlayStation 5 has a smooth curvature that emerges from about the middle of the surface. PS5 Slim, on the other hand, has a fairly pronounced curve.

Some have noted that the PS5 Slim’s side panels now have a glossy finish that often attracts scratches and fingerprints. However, numerous video fragments show that the casings have a plastic coating.

Finally, it can already be confirmed that the PS5 Slim includes two USB-C ports on the front. So, we say goodbye to the original USB-A input.

Responsible for the leak, Twitter user @BmE_Dev, did not share more information about the PS5 Slim. It is clear that he only has a case in his hands without any components inside.

The appearance of such leaks indicates that the PS5 Slim is at least going to start production. No tech company can stop a leak once their products are made, especially if the process takes place in China.

It could also be a sign that the PS5 Slim’s official reveal is just around the corner. In the world of rumor mills, they say that Sony can celebrate the second Showcase Playstation years in the coming months, we will have to be vigilant. Is it possible to buy a console this year? Judging by the statements that Sony has left us, and even Microsoft, it seems that so …

Source: Hiper Textual

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