Colombia Women’s National Team look forward. Coming to a World Cup for seniors in the women’s branch with the best participation in the country, the team is projecting what future participation will look like if the support given to women’s football continues to increase.

(Linda Caicedo: The reason why she didn’t pay homage to the Colombian Women’s Election).

Amid the agony of the murder of Jorelyn’s brother Andrés Carabalí, a figure in the squad, the illusion is overwhelming for the Women’s National Team for the reception at the Movistar Arena this Tuesday.

And among the most exciting Daniela Arias, the defender, arrived in Bogotá today and is the trending person on ‘TikTok’ because of a video with her partner, young Yessica Gallo.

There is a simulation of a ‘proposition’ in the clip.

(The Football Federation is attacking Dominic Wolf over the Colombian jersey controversy).

through their social networks, jessica galloKnown for fostering the growth of women’s football in Colombia, she shared a stunning moment with Daniela Arias, who has been her partner for years at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

In the shared video, You can see the moment when Gallo proposed to Arias to marry him.

The recording is accompanied by beautiful footage of their time together in Oceania.

A voice sounds in the background: “This chapter of my life is called: it’s my turn, and I’m not going to apologize for anything.”

(“The most ridiculous punishment in the world” takes place in Colombia: the video of the punishment is trending).

And while everything seems to indicate that it was a hand request, the player’s environment actually indicated it. it was a “game” between the two.


Source: Exame

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