Videos of luxury yachts, boats and boats of all kinds feeding the nets of businessman Álvaro Simancas de la Rosa, I am 56 years old. The boat repair factory’s offices are in Cartagena’s traditional Manga neighborhood, where a hitman arrived on Thursday, August 24.

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Simancas de la Rosa was moving in his Toyota Land Cruiser. When he approached two shooters who were riding Pulsar motorcycles with red and GND-184 plates, the one who shot him four times at close range.

Forensic medicine, who came to the scene, determined that the businessman was shot three times in the head. and one on the left arm.

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For researchers, The business activity of the businessman may be linked to the murder. But possible links are also being investigated with a former land restitution judge, who is now a public official in Bolívar’s capital.

Vehicle The model in which Simancas was mobilized was 1994 and has since appeared on behalf of Zaida Linares Mercado. The person the authorities are trying to contact to determine if they have family ties.

after the crime Manga’s community action board in the Las Colonias region regretted this.

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“The community Las Colonias is grieving the loss of one of our great collaborators”, JAC announced it on his Facebook account.

After the murder was announced A police patrol managed to catch one of the alleged murders on the western highway. In front of the Bodegas de Ternera in Cartagena.

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captured He is 22 years old, Glock with binoculars was seized with a firearm and motorcycle.

The shooter in question is expected to appear before a warranty judge in the next few hours.

Forensic sources told EL TIEMPO that they are investigating whether the crime is related to extortion. “But we are also learning if Simancas has any problems with any of the workers. Everything is under investigation at the moment.”

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Authorities They are trying to determine the reasons for the assassination act.

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