Dominican Wolf decided to capitalize on the discussion in which he starred Colombian Football Federation (FCF) Due to the use of the Colombian National Team jersey only 13 days ago.

HE influencers Asked by the FCF to remove promotional videos featuring the Colombian National Team, German decided this Sunday to surprise both himself and others: He is releasing his own jersey.

In the announcement video, Wolf seized the opportunity to attack the Football Association and make a few ‘pulls’.

(When can you wear the Colombian National Team jersey and when can you not? That’s what matters).

through her Instagram account, HE influencers German Dominic Wolf shares Colombian jersey debutwith at least four different models.

“I present to you the new jersey I will wear for National Team matches and for my videos showing the best of Colombia”says influencers enter your video.

After showing his soon-to-be-released products, Wolf said: “The good thing is, the shirts only have the logo of my brand, which has been registered with the Undersecretariat of Industry and Trade for two years. no one comes to claim my copyright“.

(Football Federation responded to Dominic Wolf due to controversy over Colombian jersey)

Wolf said, “I will never claim royalties, because if you buy it with your own money you should use it whenever you want. It should make sense, right?” said.

He then closed, referring to Shakira: “I don’t cry anymore, I pay bills now”.

In his letter of 10 August this year, The Colombian Football Federation asked Wolf to remove the advertisement material in which he appeared in the National Team jersey from his social networks.

“In our view, there is an illegitimate use of the FCF’s distinguishing marks under the provisions of Resolution 486 of 2000, as the use of the official attire and jersey of the Colombian National Team is not or is not permitted. FCF”, the Colombian Football Federation to FIFA He reads the letter he sent. influencers.

“The problem is that he influencersHe advertised by wearing the Colombian jersey non-sponsored brands Colombian National Team. And the worst part is that these brands are brands that are in direct competition with the official sponsors of the team,” a Federation spokesperson told this newspaper.


Source: Exame

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