Nintendo Switch Edition – Model Oed Mario Red Edition is a reality. Everything from the console to the Joy-Con controllers is covered in the iconic ‘Mario Red’ color, paying homage to the iconic character.

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But the magic doesn’t stop there: This console has a Mario silhouette design on the back. Players will also be able to find some hidden coins.

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The Oled Mario Red Edition model can be used in three different modes: television, desktop and portable. Below are the technical specifications.

Using the included docking station, users will be able to connect their system to their TV and immerse themselves in a traditional HD gaming experience. Colorful worlds and challenges will come to life on the white screen.

Joy-Con controllers will need to be removed and the display placed on the large, adjustable stand to enjoy this mode. You no longer need a TV for exciting gaming moments.

Players can carry the Nintendo Switch with them in portable mode. The 7-inch Oled screen will give you a visual experience with “vivid colors and sharp contrasts”.

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This model also features a width-adjustable stand, wired LAN port, 64GB internal storage, enhanced audio (with built-in speakers), and compatibility with all Joy-Con controllers and Nintendo Switch software.

– Nintendo Switch console – Mario Red OLED model

– Joy-Con controllers (L)/(R) in Mario Red

– Joy-Con strap

– Dock for Nintendo Switch – Mario Red OLED model

– Joy-Con grip

– AC adapter for Nintendo Switch

– High speed HDMI cable

*This content was prepared with the help of artificial intelligence based on information published on the Nintendo website and reviewed by a journalist and editor.

Source: Exame

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