The explosion of a bomb-laden vehicle in Quito, Ecuador, last Wednesday night, 30 August, contributed to the escalation of violence. the event that led to the assassination of the neighboring country and presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio.

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According to officials, the explosion that occurred in a commercial area recently this will be about retaliation before the leaders of criminal groups (working with Colombian gangs) in that country are transferred from different prisons. It is also not excluded that this is also linked to the crime in Villavicencio.

Especially, The movement of a crime leader known as ‘Gordo Luis’ towards the maximum security La Roca prisonIt is located near Guayaquil.

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for him Colombian caught in car bomb explosion.

Time He researched it and identified it as 25-year-old Antony Daniel Arenales Calderon.

resources Ecuadorian authorities assured him that he had no criminal record.

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But, EL TIEMPO has found that Arenales was convicted in 2019 for charges of qualified and aggravated theft, using minors to commit crimes, smuggling or possession of firearms or ammunition.

In this case the Colombian He was sentenced to 5 years and 3 months in prison. He was even held at La Modelo prison in Bogotá.

On 5 May an eviction ticket was issued to the Arenales Calderon for the execution of the sentence, which will take effect on 12 May..

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But, In Inpec records, Bucaramanga continues to appear as an inmate under house arrest, in charge of the medium security prison..

Ecuadorians captured include: Carlos Alfredo Chilan Macias, 34 years old; holding seven records of robbery and murder; Hugo Andrés Espinosa Suárez, 31, has a criminal record for theft.

There are also: Cristian Andres Bermeo Correa is 29 years old. He has a criminal record for robbery and illicit dealings; Luis Dario Madrid Villalba, 29, has notes on the robbery, and Marco González Torres, 29, has no priors.

According to the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office, These people had previously been put on trial and were tried in pretrial detention on terrorism charges.

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at the press conferenceEcuadorian authorities stated that there were two gas cylinders in the exploded vehicle. It was also stated that the vehicle was stolen.

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