EA SPORTS releases EA FC 24 on September 29The innovative successor to the FIFA series promises a revolution in the universe of football video games.

At EL TIEMPO, we had the opportunity to test the game in early access on the Xbox Series X console and experienced first-hand the innovations and improvements that this new game brings.

This game stands out with its advanced technology, renewed game modes and deep penetration into the football universe, setting new standards in the series.

At first sight, preserves the essence of the traditional FIFA gameHowever, as it is explored, new features and technological advances such as graphical quality and ‘PlayStyles’ begin to stand out and give it a unique shine.

The movements and movements of the players are extremely fluid and realistic, and the physics of the ball on the field of play has also been significantly improved, providing an extraordinary level of dynamism and realism simulation. For example, playing on a flooded pitch is a real nightmare when looking for opportunities with rapid rise tactics.

In this title, we see that EA uses HypermotionV technology again. To achieve greater realism in players’ movements. This version uses volumetric data from over 180 top-flight matches to recreate authentic movements, bringing the rhythm and fluidity of real football into the game. It also adds more physicality and allows for a more realistic representation of on-field encounters and ball control.

In EA FC 24, the Frostbite graphics engine, together with Sapien technology, strengthens the graphical atmosphere of the game by increasing the level of detail, from more realistic player models to improved lighting and shading.

On the other hand, there is GPU Fabric technology, which simulates real-world materials and accurately reflects the tension and movement of the fabric, allowing the jerseys to move and react naturally to players’ movements.

One of the big news in terms of game mechanics is PlayStyles. This feature goes beyond general player ratings and focuses on highlighting the unique skills and playstyles that make each player special, impacting everything from scoring to defending. PlayStyles has two levels: regular ones and PlayStyles+.

The game interface has been greatly simplified, allowing the player to find everything he needs easily and quickly. The sounds and music of the game are immersive and high quality, and the graphics and sounds are extremely realistic compared to other football games.

On the other hand, Ultimate Team has been significantly revamped and Evolutions have been introducedThis allows players to develop their favorite football players and turn them into club legends by completing certain objectives. This version also marks the integration of women’s and men’s football into a single team, offering a more inclusive and diverse gaming experience.

Additionally, the game includes the ability to receive all Mission rewards at once and change player locations without the need for a consumable.

Career modes in EA FC 24 deliver immersive and detailed experiences, allowing players to live out their managerial and gaming careers with a higher level of detail and control.

In the managerial career, the new ‘Total Management System’ allows users to implement a unique tactical identity, while Match Ready Training provides deeper control over player training.

On the other hand, ‘Dynamic Moments’ and ‘Player Agent’ add an additional layer of realism and personalization to the player career, allowing users to experience iconic football moments and chart their own path in the world of football with personalized advice and recommendations. recommendation.

The new features and technologies are well implemented in the game, movements feel more human and realistic, and the graphics with match information are fun. Although this problem occurs from time to time, no major drop in frames was noticed.

EA FC 24 is a game that can be recommended especially for those playing on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series

Source: Exame

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