After Morbius, Venom 2 And Spider-Man Into the Spider-VerseSony Pictures continues to promote its Spider-Verse. This time he’ll make it through Madame Web, a feature film announced during the pandemic. It was due to the health crisis that its production began later than expected. However, they were able to move forward, and today we finally have them first trailer.

Madame Web star Dakota Johnson, whom you probably remember from her roles in Social network And Fifty Shades of Gray, mostly. However, he now has the opportunity to branch out into superhero films. And what could be better than a character who could, at some point, join forces with Spider-Man himself. Everything will depend, of course, on Sony’s narrative intentions.

The film’s trailer not only shows us Madame Web and her ability to see the future, but also pays special attention to the villain: Ezekiel Sims. Like heroin, it has the ability to see the future and therefore foresee it. In the trailer, he mentions that he intends to kill four women, including Cassandra Webb, to prevent them from becoming a bigger threat in the future. And they will also become spider heroines in the future.


Source: Hiper Textual

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