On the occasion of the PC Gaming Show, Scorn has returned to show itself contempt with a new one trailer from to play, commented on by the developers, allowing us to take a deeper look at the atmospheres and game mechanics. The film comes after the release date announcement, revealed on the occasion of the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.

D.Available from October 21, 2022 on PC and Xbox, Scorn will catapult us into a dark and scary world struggling with an experience horror in the first person drawing heavily from the imagination of the artist HR Giger, the creative mind responsible for the creation of the iconic xenomorph of “AlienScorn’s other sources of inspiration also include writers Franz Kafka, Jorge Luis Borges and JG Ballard, as well as some obvious references to the films of David Cronenberg And David Lynch

Scorn is set in a nightmare universe with strange shapes and dark scenarios. It’s designed around the idea of ​​”being thrown into the world,” reads the Xbox website.

Isolated and lost in this dream world, you explore different regions that are connected in a non-linear way. Each location has its own theme, with puzzles and characters integral to creating a cohesive world.

  • Scorn Official Gameplay Trailer | PC gaming show 2022 (youtube.com)

Source: Lega Nerd

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