GTA 6 He is getting all the attention from the video game industry and the entertainment world. On Tuesday, December 5th, we will finally be able to see him first trailer, the duration of which we already know. Yes, after years of anticipation, rumors and even leaks leading to government intervention, we’re taking a quick look at the new Vice City. Nevertheless, Apparently, Rockstar Games announced this important date several months ago..

We need to go back exactly six months ago. During June GTA Onlinemultiplayer aspect GTA 5, received an update with new outfits for the character, as well as other new features. One of the added T-shirts features an alien surrounded by dozens of numbers. Here’s the key.

At the time, there was already some sort of collective paranoia surrounding Rockstar releasing the first trailer for the game. GTA 6. Many rumors suggested that the big moment would come before the end of the year, but there were never any guarantees on this matter – until a report emerged that Bloomberg published last November.

So, one person set himself the task of finding clues in this series of numbers. To his surprise, he discovered the sequence 12523. If we convert it to a date in the usual format used in the US, we get December 5, 2023. And be careful because the next two numbers 09exact time (ET) when Rockstar will share the first trailer GTA 6.

To add to the above, one of the sequences on the shirt, converted into letters by the decoder, mentions the phrase “ONEDAYWILLREVEALALL”. In Spanish: “One day everything will be known”.

Interestingly, the discovery was shared on forums and social networks, although it never received much attention. But now that the discovery has turned out to be exorbitant, a huge community of fans Grand Theft Auto He spends time analyzing the shirt again. Hopefully they can find other important information. They did it? It seems if…

They found another series of numbers that may be important: 040125. That is, April 1, 2025. Some have already begun to speculate that this could be Date of issue GTA 6. In fact, if you think about it, this is a very real date.

Too many coincidences or done on purpose? Knowing Rockstar Games, there’s no doubt that they wanted to play with the minds of their loyal fans. However, as mentioned above, these traces have not yet attracted much attention.

Of course, there are people who continue to use their detective skills in the hope of finding something more. So don’t be surprised if we make another discovery in the next few weeks. Let’s also keep in mind that this T-shirt may only be one source of information in GTA Online.

remember, that The first trailer for GTA 6 will be released on December 5 at 15:00 in Spain and at 8:00 in Mexico.. The world will be watching for the new release from Rockstar Games, perhaps the most anticipated game of all time…

Source: Hiper Textual

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