‘Final Fantasy VII’ saga continues to expand with announcement ‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’A sequel that promises to push players beyond the boundaries set by its predecessor. This second part of the ‘remake’ of the legendary Square Enix game, It will be released on PlayStation on February 29The narrative continues where the first part left off.


Naoki HamaguchiIn his interview with ‘Game Informer’, the director of the video game explained the details of what awaits the players in ‘Rebirth’.

At the heart of the gaming experience is the ability to not only explore new regions and towns, but also Introduces entirely new cities not featured in the original game. Hamaguchi highlights one of these new cities, “The Crow’s Nest,” explaining how its inclusion enriches the vision and world of “Rebirth”

“In ‘Rebirth,’ we added completely new cities that did not originally exist, such as the Raven’s Nest, to deepen and create the entire vision of the ‘Rebirth’ world,” he said.

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This section not only focuses on geographical exploration, but also It also touches on the relationships between characters..

Unreleased side quests offer players the opportunity to: Explore the dynamics between ‘Cloud’ and teammates. One notable example is a mission that takes players to a lighthouse, where a mercenary named ‘Kyrie’ tries to succeed in her job while facing challenges such as the threat of monsters.

Additionally introducing ‘Rebirth0’ little gamesAdditional layers of fun and challenge are added, including a regional strategic card game competition and a musical composition competition.

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In terms of gameplay, Square Enix has made significant improvements. Fights are enriched with the possibility of characters using common abilities, Adding a new tactical dimension to battles.

As for exploration, players will be able to discover new artifacts in secondary missions and customize their chocobo, providing a richer and more personalized experience.

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