As has been announced for some time, The first version of the famous animated character Mickey Mouse has already become available to the public.

Due to United States copyright laws, famous Steamboat Willie, The first version of Mickey Mouse (and only this version for now, not later versions of the mouse) can now be shared, reused, adapted and edited by anyone.

24 hours after the deadline passed, it had already been announced that the famous mouse would participate in a scary video game.

The developers of Nightmare Forge released the first trailer of the game to the public. Invasion 88, A video game that shows the scariest and darkest side of Steamboat Willie.

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According to the description, Infestation 88 is an episodic, cooperative survival horror game for 1 to 4 players, where you and your friends play the role of exterminators summoned to deal with mysterious infestations.

The official Steambot Willie page states that its premiere will be this year 2024, but does not specify the exact date of its premiere. However, he left some instructions for accessing ‘Infestation 88’ via pre-purchase.

“This game is inspired by works currently in the public domain. This independent creation is not authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by any original author of those works. All content in this game is in the public domain and is used in accordance with appropriate domain guidelines and The trailer states: “It is not affiliated with, associated with, or endorsed by any existing intellectual property or trademark owners.”


Source: Exame

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