Apple Arcade has as many weekly users as Steam or Nintendo Switch Online

A new study reveals the sheer number of gamers on Apple Arcade is on par with major video game platforms

Apple Arcade is more successful than most people think

Apple never shared Users using Apple Arcade has assets. Apple’s gaming service has a wealth of games for iPhone, iPad and Mac; many of these are exclusive and others are of very similar quality to console games. Apple seems to have invested heavily in the market game and your strategy appears to be working.

According to a study conducted by MIDIA Research Since the last quarter of last year Apple Arcade has nearly as many weekly users as established platforms like Steam or Nintendo Switch Online. Copying data from other major platforms like Ubisoft+ or GeForce Now.

As they stated, 10% of users in the US play Apple ArcadePlatforms such as Steam or Nintendo Switch Online reach 11% of users. So we’re looking at very similar numbers.

Apple Arcade has managed to establish a solid foothold in just a few years. 10% of US consumers use Apple Arcade on a weekly basis (MIDiA Research Q4 2023 consumer survey). For context, this nearly matches that of Nintendo Switch Online or Steam (both 11% in the US) and is twice as much as Ubisoft+ (5%) or Nvidia’s GeForce Now (4%). Apple also has a number of original Arcade games.

Apple Arcade game characters

Apple Arcade looks more successful than it sounds

The truth is that Apple Arcade has very interesting games and Apple has never stopped adding new features. Moreover, the company introduces new games coming to the platform every month, we have very interesting games in Apple Arcade in February.

Although Apple increased the price of Apple Arcade and many of its services, the company seems to be affected by this. It is true that we always carry the iPhone with us and it is an ideal device for gaming as it has gained a lot of graphical power in recent years. Apple Arcade looks more successful than it sounds and that’s something Apple can always improve on if it puts its mind to it.

Source: i Padizate

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