a customer bankolombia When he realized that this was happening, he sparked a whole discussion on social networks Transfer fees to Nequi was doing. An image showed that the app issued a notification highlighting the new fee while verifying the transfer.


“Depending on your plan, this transfer may have a cost.”says the notification, and many people wondered what the specific conditions of this innovation were.

Bancolombia stated on its social networks that the specified fees are carried out depending on the type of plan in which you have savings or current account.

According to the bank’s website, there are four new plans, and each has its own characteristics regarding the number of transfers or withdrawals.

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Also as can be seen ‘Plan Zero’ is the only plan that does not include any transfer to Nequi. Therefore, of those who acquire this new plan, 500 pesos plus VAT (combined cost for all plans if fee applies).

To find out what the conditions of your account are, you can enter the Bancolombia App and look for the option. Enable ‘See balances and movements’ and ‘See details and movements’ or go to this link and detail what the features of each plan are.

In his statement, Nequi stated that Bancolombia SA has a clear purpose as a business, focusing on helping people improve their relationship with silver.

Today, 3 out of every 5 Colombians nequi From your mobile phone to manage your personal finances digitally, easily and securely on a daily basis. They also clearly state that from the app you can: Save money, organize your money, manage your resources, make digital payments and ship with no additional cost.

With Nequi, everything remains the same: movements from Nequi to another Nequi, from Nequi to other banks, or from Nequi to Bancolombia are free. We invite people to manage their payroll on Nequi without any administration fees or withdrawal fees.
and join more than 3.5 million users who already use Nequi as their main account in the financial system,” he said.

Source: Exame

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