Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in its statement that it summoned Argentinian Ambassador Camilo Romero for consultation following Argentinian President Javier Milei’s words towards President Gustavo Petro.

In an interview with journalist Ángela Patricia Janiot, Milei referred to the Colombian president as a “murderous communist” who “sinked Colombia”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs “strongly” rejected this statement in its text, adding that Milei’s words “were an attack on the dignity of the democratically and legitimately elected president.”

“President Milei’s remarks ignore and violate the deep bonds of friendship, understanding and cooperation that have historically united Colombia and Argentina and have strengthened over two centuries,” the State Department said. said.

Although Chancellor Leyva was suspended from office by the Attorney General’s Office, the document is in his name. “The Minister of Foreign Affairs presents his most energetic protest against the disrespectful and irresponsible statements of the President of Argentina, Mr. Javier Milei,” the statement said.

In his personal profile, Leyva even wrote (sic) about the development of an interview with journalist Ángela Patricia Janiot, published on January 25.

Hours ago, Ambassador Romero wrote on his X account: “Milei is a hypocrite. Today, while asking our government for approval for his new ambassador in Colombia, he calls the president a murderer.”

The diplomat, who was supposed to return to the country upon the instructions of the government, added: “We may think differently, but the historical brotherhood of our region and people should be above differences.”

(On the other hand: The extraordinary letter sent from the State Legal Department to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office after the sanctions were imposed on Leyva)

Argentinian consul Germán Gómez, formerly President Petro’s presidential advisor for communications, added: “The historic bilateral relationship between the two countries cannot be sustained by insulting differences.”

The call for consultations does not mean that bilateral relations have deteriorated, but it reflects the diplomatic tensions that emerged between the countries after the insult of the Argentine president.

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