Over the years, TransMilenio has become the epicenter of many unusual, outrageous and unbelievable activitiesSince this means of transportation is used by thousands of people every day, some use different services to sell items, sing, perform tricks, get waxed, among other scenarios.

On this occasion, a video that has gained great popularity in the last few hours through social networks, in the footage you can see a man’s head getting stuck between the TransMilenio station and the system bus.

What you can see in the images Man with his head stuck at the bottom of a TransMilenio station and a bus on the systemThe identities and health conditions of many people who tried to move the vehicle so that the person could remove the skull without being injured are still unknown.

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After the video was published, TransMilenio spoke and assured that the events took place in the region. ‘De La Sabana’ station located on Calle 13 and close to Avenida CaracasOn the American mainline, around one o’clock in the afternoon on February 1st.

Likewise, the person who was the victim of the accidentAn unofficial vendor who dropped some items while trying to board the main bus He stuck his head between the station steps and his cell phone and bent down to retrieve them, according to TransMilenio.

The business also states that the emergency response protocol was activated when the incident was learned, and in addition, The police officer assigned to the police station and other users of the system manage to move the articulated vehicle.Thus, the man was able to free the skull without being injured.

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Likewise, given what happened, TransMilenio took the opportunity to remind system users that they should not undertake any dangerous maneuvers that could endanger the lives and integrity of themselves and other users.


Source: Exame

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