children’s television programRugrats‘, anyone ‘Rugrats‘ has been the best company for children for generations since its founding in 1991.


But the production of content about these adventurous babies is not limited to just more TV series or movies, but also Nickelodeon also decided to enter the video game market.


It was announced a few months ago that Wallride Games was working on it. A platform video game titled ‘Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland’The characters of the series will star and will premiere in 2024. It’s been 20 years since the last episode aired.

Recently, numerous specialized portals such as ‘Gamer Focus’ have revealed that the long-awaited video game will be released. It will be released in March.

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Additionally, ‘Gamer Focus’ revealed that Wallride Games plans to offer a live demo of the game. Gameplay During Steam Next Fest 2024, which will take place from February 5-12.

‘Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland’ will be released for consoles and PC, and although its trailer is presented with an 8-bit or pixelated look that makes a clear reference to the games from the time the show was released, it also has some content. mode available HD.


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