There have always been three clear minds in the video game console market: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. The first two focused mainly on content. players with older, Xbox and PlayStation variants.


Since November 2023, three years after the official launch of the PS5, Sony has released the PlayStation 5 Slim, a slimmer and more compressed version of the latest generation consoles.

But even with the release of a new variant of the console, The original PS5 still commands a very high price in the national marketPrices in most supermarkets and specialty stores are around 3,000,000 COP.

This means that many people who want a console for themselves or their children Consider the PS4 purchase optionbut is it worth it even though it was published 5 years ago?

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The answer is basically it depends on your interests. Sony and other developers continue to develop video games for the PS4, which has been on the market since 2013. It has an extremely wide game catalog that its users can enjoy. and guarantee hours of fun.

Additionally, the PS4 has access to the internet and different streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Spotify, as well as other functions that still make it a very capable device. Like this, It is a very good option for those who want to play video games in a less private way at a more affordable price..

However, the technological portal ‘Codigo Spaghetti’ explains: The leap in quality that the PS5 offers with its graphics, ultra-fast charging, and functions like the “haptic feedback” of the DualSense controls is far superior to anything the PS4 has achieved.. Additionally, the PS5 is backwards compatible with all PS4 games, so its catalog is not shortened at all, just expanded.

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In conclusion, If you or the buyer is a gaming enthusiast, it’s worth investing a little more in the PS5 rather than the PS4.may soon become obsolete for games that require more power. Additionally, more and more exclusive games from the last generation will be released, such as the famous ‘Spiderman 2’.

But, If your gaming routine is much more relaxed and relaxed, PS4 is a great option at a lower price. Especially if it’s PS4 Pro.


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