They determined in the past months new types of fraudBecause cyber thieves are constantly searching for information and tactics to defraud citizens.

Calls from strange, unfamiliar numbers and text messages with tempting offers But some of the most common are portals specializing in online security’ADSL Regionanalyzed various reports and determined that calls began with the call sign +811 They are becoming more frequent.

Generally, received calls are considered to be under the call sign. +811 is usually ‘harmless’However, call recipients have strong encryption that can steal their personal data.

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Likewise, it is worth noting that: No one is immune from receiving these calls. and especially users with Android operating system phones can make these calls more frequently.

Cybersecurity experts say it has been discovered Scammers behind these calls use a variety of strategies Manipulating victims and obtaining personal or financial information because they have a prior investigation of potential victims.

The information obtained by the fraudsters behind these searches is usually may be the victim of identity theft and impersonation, financial fraud, or even the victim of theft.

It is also worth noting that the +811 prefix does not correspond to any country, on the contrary, it is special and has special tariffs. This means that for every call answered, scammers will make a profit.

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Mexico is one of the countries where the most people fall victim to this type of scam, as Nuevo León’s internal code is 81, causing confusion.

Likewise, since even official institutions are prohibited from requesting certain information over the phone, you should not give out your personal or financial information in the calls you receive. If any call raises the slightest suspicion, hang up the phone and contact the numbers. Officials of the organization receiving the call will never return a phone number with the prefix +811 or 000811.


Source: Exame

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