In a statement made during a special edition of the official Xbox podcast, company announces plans to expand its reach and is bringing four of its exclusive games to other console platforms.

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Prominent Xbox leaders Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty shared the news while discussing the company’s vision for gaming exclusivity, the future of Xbox hardware, and its overall commitments.

However, this strategic move not only aims to expand the reach and impact of these gamesit also benefits gaming communities around the world.

Similarly, both Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda brought multiple games to Steam simultaneously with their launch on Xbox consoles. While the teams have extensive experience supporting a variety of platforms, they continue to make significant investments in studios, consoles and services.

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The games selected for this move have been available to Xbox players for at least a year. The selection includes both hidden gems that deserve more exposure and live service games with communities They will become stronger by hosting more players.

Although specific details about the selected games have not yet been announced, Xbox is expected to share more information soon.

This expansion to other platforms does not mean: A fundamental shift in Xbox’s approach to exclusivitybut it represents a strategic step towards expanding the player base and investing in future versions of the games.

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More importantly, this initiative does not compromise Xbox’s commitment to hunting conservation. Xbox gamers can rely on building their digital libraries within the Xbox ecosystem with powerful features like backwards compatibility, cross-play, and cross-save progression.

As a result, Xbox reaffirms its commitment to its players and long-term vision. With a solid hardware roadmap, Unprecedented access via Game Pass Focusing on expanding its player base, Xbox is positioned as a leader in the interactive entertainment industry.

Xbox consoles will continue to offer gamers a different experience by offering maximum value and convenience. It’s where Game Pass offers unmatched access to an ever-growing library of games. To be more precise, Game Pass will continue to be exclusive to Xbox platforms.

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Xbox’s creative teams continue to go from strength to strength as the company invites players from around the world Anywhere to join them on this exciting journey into the future of gaming.

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*This content was written based on information published by Xbox with the help of artificial intelligence and reviewed by a journalist and editor.

Source: Exame

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