Director The National Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD), Olmedo López, had already offered the resignation of his subordinates if irregularities in the acquisition of 40 companies were proven. Tank cars whose mission was to bring water to La Guajira.

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His statements later became known EL TIEMPO managed to reach a contract and announced that more than 46.8 billion pesos were paid for the vehiclesThe same people who went unemployed for a month without carrying a single drop of water.

Additionally, the supplier Impoamericana Roger SAS is a company with a capital of 45 million pesos that sells hardware materials and groceries, and has close ties to two other companies that the UNGRD invited to tender.

Results EL TIEMPO has already initiated investigations in the Prosecutor’s Office, the Financial Affairs Department and the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.A disciplinary investigation was opened against López.

But now I knowThey agree with the statements just made by Víctor Andrés Meza. He was the former deputy director of the entity until two days ago.

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After warning that he had nothing to do with the tanker purchase, he gave the following assurance: “The supply order (of the vehicles) was signed by UNGRD director Olmedo López.”

And he added: On January 29, he was officially notified that 20 tankers would be purchased. More to the same supplier for 27.6 billion pesos.

According to Meza, His office issued a warning stating that it is noteworthy that two contracts were signed with the same supplier for 74.4 billion pesos in less than 3 months. And he asked for clarification without being answered.

time andIncoltanques, which produced the tanks of the first 40 vehicles, He said they wanted more. And now this has been confirmed.

This newspaper also found other things. 11 contracts signed by UNGRD, sought by many congressmen and 100,000 million pesos pledgedNational disaster situation under the umbrella of presidential decree.

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Another tender contract was foundand 40 tanker cars; four for ‘communal containers’ and the others for the supply of plastic tanks and water transportation.

Joint Company Sustainability and Holistic Development-Yapurutu, established in 2019, is the supplier of the other 40 vehicles. There are also local people among the managing partners and the nonprofit organization is headquartered in the Rosa district of Bogotá.

agreement The purchase signed with UNGRD is from November 2023 and amounts to 29,000 millions of pesos.

Between activities The association ranges from engineering studies to related technical consultancy activities.Oh management.

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Edgar Echeverri Toro His representative told EL TIEMPO that the aim is very broad and that in consultancy activities Many things fit.

Echeverri fcouncilor and candidate for the Assembly of Vaupésby the Conservative Party.

“But that was years ago,” he said. When asked how they sold the tanker cars, he stated that his lawyer said the following: I was going to explain. However, this situation was not communicated at the end of this edition.

Echeverri et al. Payments for 15 Chevrolet tankers have already been made upon delivery and other payments are pending. The vehicles cost 725 million pesos each. 1,170 million each purchased by Imporamericana Roger SAS.

Also in the list of contracts A signature was signed for “control and monitoring of the supply of tanker wagons”.

They explained that he was a kind of salaried supervisor at the UNGRD 133 million long pesos. This is La Guajira Tourist Relations and Transporters Association (Relaturg), whose purpose is car rental, passenger transportation, consultancy, engineering and related activities.

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His visible head was:Édgar Acosta Romero, former mayoral candidate of Riohachaalso conservative. But he died three years ago.

through the same contractual mechanismPaid 4.698 million pesos to the Wayuu Traditional Authorities Association of the La Sabana sector for “the provision of complementary food type community pot in Manaure at all costs.” The cost of supplies is 9,000 pesos. And 522,000 people show up in 90 days.

La Unión, the Union of Wayuu Traditional Authorities, has committed to a similar supply of 648 million pesos; and Prosperitas Corporation also made joint pottery for 5.508 million pesos. There is also a fourth contract with the Riohacha Agro-Ecological Prosumers Association for the same purpose for 3.564 million pesos.

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And with it The La Guajira Traditional Authorities Association agreed to pay $1.921 million to bring water. Their representative, Zuleima Mejía, told this newspaper that they were responsible for renting tanker trucks with people from the area.Coordinate with Triple A and mayors to bring in the liquid: “We expect to be paid.”

Olmedo López tankers “They were purchased transparently and legally. A market research was also conducted in which three companies were invited to list. These are averaged to determine the value of each vehicle.

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And he added thisCompanies are included in the database of registered companies Those who want to provide services to the organization.

The government, by decree With the Presidential decision numbered 2113 for 2022, a national state of disaster was declared and a special regime was implemented. To deal with specific cases, such as the La Guajira case.

He was given powers under this emergency measure. National Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD) to contract for goods and services that will help reduce thirst and hunger. It has historically hit this department and mainly affected the indigenous community.

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But it is For two weeks, regional leaders began denouncing the parking of 40 tankers in the Matamoros battalionWithout carrying a single drop of water in Uribia.

TIME He managed to find the contract under which the vehicles were purchased. In addition to finding that they cost 46.8 billion pesosreached its supplier: Impoamericana Roger SAS.

The selected company was founded in Cúcuta. In October 2017 it was renamed Comercializadora Agrodomínguez SAS. However, on July 5, 2019, the company changed its name to Impoamericana Roger SAS. tanker contract.

This company is special trade, import and export of groceries and canned goods and vehicle importamong others.

(Also: Attention: A senior official of the Risk Management Unit has been declared inoperable)

TIME found that the company’s founder sold it to an importer known as Elmer Francisco Celis RamírezHe was killed in Cúcuta a month before the agreement was signed with the government.

However, the company changed owners. It was purchased by Roger Alexánder Pastas Fuertes, a 26-year-old merchant from Pastuso. Appearing to be a veterinary medicine student.

EL TIEMPO researched and found another name that attracts attention It belongs to Luis Eduardo López Rosero, who became the legal representative of this company in March 2021 and is the owner of the company Luket SAS. It was founded in Pasto in 2012.

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Also this diaryIt was learned that the person who negotiated the stainless steel tanks was businessman Rosero, whose company was subject to investigation for cost overruns in the supply of emergency supplies. Recruited by UNGRD.

Olmedo López, the president of this organization, stated in an interview with W Radio, in addition to the company they work with: The contract included two more people in the selection process: Luket SAS and Brand SAS tanker trucks.

EL TIEMPO found connections between these. ANDLuket is owned by businessman Luis Eduardo López Rosero, who is mentioned in the Impoamericana SAS documents. as legal representative.

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Also owner of Marka SAS Is Sandra Liliana Brand PantojaLópez Rosero’s wife.

After this environment was revealed, The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of Accounts announced that they would launch an investigation. One of these disciplinary actions against UNGRD director Olmedo López. A debate on political control is brewing in Congress.

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*Amidst the controversy over the stalled trucks, it was recently revealed that the project is part of the Government’s ‘Road of Life’ strategy, which aims to deliver liquids to drought-affected populations. This is different from Misión La Guajira, an alliance in which Prosperidad Social and Grupo Aval (with support from W Radio and Grupo Prisa) aim to produce projects to help 74 communities in the region.

Likewise, this differs from the Ministry of Housing’s recent alliance with the public and private sectors, as well as foundations, NGOs and foreign governments, to rehabilitate the ministry’s 39 drinking water systems.

Source: Exame

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