News came that his son died tragically as a result of an electric shock while he was using his mobile phone. His father, Moisés Ramos, who was plugged into an electrical outlet, succumbed to health problems caused by the emotional impact.

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Young Moisés, 21 years old, only son and heir of a prestigious company The hotel in Santa Mara’s rural Playa de Los Angeles was the center of his world.

Moisés (his father), who had recently undergone a delicate kidney surgery, was still undergoing treatment. He began to recover when his son’s sudden departure threw his life into a deep crisis.

Family and friends underscore the close bond between father and son and underline Moisés’ constant efforts to provide the best for his son.

Witnesses of his suffering describe how Moses: Overwhelmed with pain and sadness, he fell into despair, refused to eat, and had difficulty falling asleep.

During her son’s funeral, her emotional state left her visibly weakened and unable to stand.

Concerned for his health, the family observed how Moisés’ resistance to complying with medical instructions further complicated his recovery process.

Tragically, at age 62, Moisés died early this Friday due to complications arising from the disease from which he was already suffering.

He had a massive heart attack that ended his life.. “We can say that his heart cannot bear the pain,” said someone close to the family.

This double whammy is failing the Ramos family, especially his wife Maria Isabel Arregoces In great mourning, he said goodbye to two of his loved ones in the same week.

By Roger Urieles
For EL TIEMPO Santa Marta
On X: @rogeruv

Source: Exame

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