Australian professor Bryan Fry from the University of Queensland and his research team discovered: anaconda It is the largest in the world with a length of 6.3 meters.

animal caught video The shocking images have already spread on social networks.

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Anaconda is a type of snake that has caused a certain impact due to its impact throughout history. big size. And the latest discovery is a living example of this, because Amazon Scientists captured the largest anaconda ever seen in the world. However, it is thought that there are larger ones as well.

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HE find Scientist Bryan Fry and Dutch professor Freek J. Vonk appeared in collaboration with actor Will Smith, who is part of ‘National Geographic’s upcoming production ‘Pole to Pole with Will Smith’, which will air on Disney+. , they were invited to explore the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon.​

Suddenly the snake appeared and the researchers discovered that it was a different species from those previously known.: It was thought that only eunectes murinus existed, but this new snake was eunectes akiyama, which has 5.5% genetic differences with other green anaconda snakes.

In fact, both scientists were collecting anaconda samples from nine countries. The research was published in the journal Variation Under the title “Unraveling Anacondas: Revealing a New Species of Green and Rethinking Yellows.”

In the resulting video, Dutch professor Freek J. Vonk is seen swimming with the animal, which is more than 6 meters long and weighs more than 200 kilograms.


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How Will Smith Help Discover the World’s Largest Snake?

Source: Exame

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