Apple Arcade will release these games next month

Apple Arcade doesn’t stop releasing games and announces 3 new features with themes for the whole family

More news for Apple Arcade in May 2024

Are you an Apple Arcade subscriber? Because we have good news for you Apple just announced that new interesting games will be released. About A Small Chance of Sawblades+, Dicey Dungeons+ and Summer Pop+. The appeal of these subscription titles is that they are not subject to ads or in-app purchases, so you no longer need to spend a single euro outside of the subscription.

Apple Arcade will continue to release new games

Three games were previously released for iPhone and iPad: Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop, Super Monsters Ate My Condo and Sago Mini Trips+, the latter of which is aimed at children. The Cupertino natives plan to release the long-awaited remake of Crossy Road Castle and Solitaire Stories at the end of the month. Many of these games, including Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, Beyond the Trees, and Spire Blast, will also be coming to the new Apple Vision Pro.

A Little Chance of Sawblades+ on Apple Arcade

A Little Chance of Sawblades+ on Apple Arcade

Slight Chance of Saw Blades+ A fun game where you must survive the deadly storm of sharp saw blades, among other objects. You must be the best jumper to win. The style of this title is retro so it is not graphically appealing.

Dangerous DungeonsA title that won the 2019 IndieCade Grand Jury Prize. You will need to be a giant walking dice with the ability to fight against the Goddess of Luck. Before you reach it, you will fight scary monsters and have the responsibility of increasing the level to reach the best energy. Each of the strategies will vary depending on the outcome determined by the luck of the dice.

Summer Pop!+

Summer Pop!+

And finally, Summer Pop+ a comfortable atmosphere and a very eye-pleasing interface thanks to its colors.. Here you will have to interact with different creatures. 4820 levels designed with 6 different game modes. make it happen different Candy Crush style combinations to win.

How to subscribe to Apple Arcade?

There are two ways to subscribe to Apple Arcade. The individual subscription costs 6.99 euros per month (if you are subscribing for the first time, you have a free trial month). The other is through Apple One, which other services for a monthly fee. Likewise, Apple you a month free if it’s your first time. You also get a free Apple Arcade subscription for 3 months if you purchased or purchased an Apple device.

Don’t forget that you can stay up to date with all the games and updates on the Arcade tab in the Coming Soon section of the App Store.. What game are you most looking forward to playing? Enjoy these games without interruption and discover the experience that Apple Arcade you; In Apple’s words, it is a platform that is here to stay and still continues to offer the best.

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