Microsoft’s plan to become the next SEGA may be moving to the next stage. In accordance with Windows CenterRedmond residents are working on release more exclusive Xbox games on PlayStationas part of a strategy launched in February last year.

The above-mentioned media indicate that this initiative is known domestically as Latitude and this is the one that has already allowed the arrival Grounded, Pentiment, Sea of ​​Thieves And HiFi Rush on PlayStation. Journalist Jez Corden claims that more and more games owned by Microsoft are developing versions for the Japanese company’s consoles, and even assures that this decision generates “dispute and anxiety” in Redmond.

Apparently, the desire to release more Xbox exclusives on PlayStation serves one interest: immediately increase Microsoft’s revenue. In fact, the report claims that the strategy is being implemented under the strict orders of Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, and Amy Hood, the corporation’s CFO, that all departments increase their economic profits.

Obviously, going multi-platform works for Xbox. Last month, it was the publisher with the most games (7) in the top 25 best sellers on the PlayStation Store. But what might cause the biggest fuss is that the company no longer wants to have a “red line” that limits what games can or can’t be made available on other platforms. Simply put: The management intends to give complete freedom of action so that tomorrow any Xbox exclusive can get to PlayStation..

will we see Halo, force, gears of war and other Xbox exclusives on PlayStation?

Yes, sure Windows Center It doesn’t specifically mention what the next Xbox exclusives coming to PlayStation might be, but it does say that the ones being considered could be “potentially obvious.” To add to this question, Eurogamer indicates that his own sources mentioned a large number of games being analyzed. and this includes parts of Microsoft’s most important franchises..

Rumors about this have been circulating for quite some time. Before arrival HiFi Rush and so on until PlayStation, there were rumors that there would be announcements of stronger games. For example, star field And Indiana Jones and the Big Circle. It is true that Phil Spencer, the leader of Microsoft Gaming, denied this, but the rumors did not stop.

It was also said at the time that there were opportunities that gears of war switched to PlayStation. If something like this were to happen, This would indeed mean that Xbox would no longer retain anything in terms of exclusives.. Today the debate is about how caliber sizing may affect the future.

Clearly, Microsoft has captured enough intellectual property to claim the title of the largest video game publisher in the world. The big question is whether Xbox is ready to continue its presence in the market. without hardware in addition to your games and Game Pass. Redmond representatives say that they still have something to offer in this segment, but it is a fact that their consoles have lost a lot of momentum. And if the company decides to abandon exclusives forever, most likely sooner or later its devices will fall into oblivion.

Source: Hiper Textual

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