Lunar and solar eclipses These are considered alignments between the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon, but this alignment can also occur with different cosmic objects in the universe. The greater the number of celestial objects, the more difficult it is for ‘queuing’ to occur. Some scientists even point out that the formation of eight planets in a row is an extremely rare event.

Before we start discussing the topic, it is important to explain that the planets in the Solar System are never located in a perfectly straight line, as can be seen in various images depicting celestial bodies.

Just like in a total solar eclipse, when the Moon, Earth, and Sun align so that natural satellites block sunlight, Planetary alignment depends entirely on the observation point of view.

Since nothing is impossible, the scientific community claims that the perfect alignment of the eight planets is an event unlikely to happen in the next billion years. What could it be The planets are approximately aligned in space, but not exactly in a straight line. After all, everyone’s orbital movements are slightly different.

I can also say that planetary alignments do not cause any negative reactions to the planet, such as increased earthquakes or problems in the atmosphere.

“The only impact on life on Earth during the alignment is the spectacular view seen in the sky. There is no danger of an earthquake or anything similar. Astrophysicist Wayne Barkhouse from the University of North Dakota in the United States told the website: “Any planetary alignment “The change in gravitational force that the Earth will experience due to this is negligible.” Live Science.

Alignment of the eight planets in the Solar System

As mentioned before, there is no such thing as a perfect fit; It’s like an illusion. The planets are not lined up in a straight line and are millions of kilometers away from each other.; but in some cases they appear to be aligned. This means that if an astronaut travels to another region of space, they will not observe any planetary alignments.

Last such incident Occurs in 2022 when all eight planets appear aligned; the illusion made them appear as if they were ‘in a straight line’, but this was only an approximation of being aligned in space. In this case, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn could be observed simultaneously with the naked eye, while Uranus and Neptune could be seen with binoculars or telescopes.

For observers from Earth, the perspective is that they are actually in a perfect line, but cosmic objects are just at the same celestial longitude. In reality, they appear close at the time of the event only because of differences between their orbits and the viewing angles of observers on the Earth’s surface. Astronomical alignment is also known as a planetary conjunction.

The average occurrence of planetary conjunctions may vary depending on the degree to which the planets are aligned. If the alignment were just 1 degree off the sky, this event would have lasted about 13.4 trillion years.

For example, Barkhouse explains: 3.6 degree alignment occurs approximately every 396 billion yearsThat is, this has never happened and should not happen, since the Sun will turn into a red dwarf star in 5 billion years.

“When astronomers use words like ‘planet alignment,’ they don’t mean an actual alignment. These just mean that some planets are in the same general area of ​​the sky. And this kind of ‘alignment’ rarely happens on all planets, but instead on two or three at a time,” said Christopher S. Baird, a professor of physics at West Texas A&M University (WTAMU).

As Baird explained in a WTAMU broadcast, the planets will come closest to true alignment It will happen on May 6, 2492. During this event, the celestial bodies of the Solar System will be in the same region of the sky with a 180-degree alignment. – From the perspective of an observer on Earth.

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