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Pregnancy test, LEGO token, and now the game itself: they can play DOOM in DOOM


The release of DOOM was a real revolution for many people, and everyone was waiting for the appearance of a game of this caliber. Several years have passed since its launch until today, but this has not prevented it from still having amazing relevance today..

And that’s whator what is fashionable and was fashionable makes DOOM work inside the most everyday and not so everyday objects. Getting something that could make DOOM work is almost a daunting task on the internet, with milestones like a game running on a LEGO brick or a pregnancy test.

Yes, you read it right. Achieved that the game can run without any problems on a piece of LEGO. Of course, this is not just a LEGO piece, as it is a piece with a tiny screen and the necessary components to install the game and run it.

But that’s not all, and today it seems that DOOM’s work on things has reached its peak due to the latest milestone: making DOOM play within DOOM itself.. Yes, it sounds really strange and, in truth, it is. Why should I play DOOM if I already play DOOM? There is no easy way to answer this question.

Clearly this question was not asked by the person who put all his effort into making DOOM playable in DOOM. What he commented on the video he uploaded to YouTube where he explains the feat is that he used DOOM II to be able to play DOOM..


You can run Doom inside (DOS) Doom, for real.

It all started with a search for a way to make custom code work in DOOM. but after that, a youtuber known as Kgsws couldn’t resist the urge to check if a DOOM game could be played inside another DOOM game. Now his feat is immortalized on YouTube.

At the beginning, we noted that this trend may have come to an end, but given what has just happened we may still have a future where DOOM is still the game you want to test if an electronic device is powerful enough..

Source: Computer Hoy

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