Discord is a social network that tries to communicate with friends from all over the world while playing online.

Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy’s app tries to create memories and recreate the feeling of friendship they find in video games, allowing you to chat or talk, build communities and benefit greatly once you learn how to use it.

On Discord, the idea is to look for servers to join based on the games you play and where you need friends and a community. each works as an IRC (real-time communication protocol) different with their own members, admins and channels.

To create a new server go to the left column where you can see the servers you are connected to and press the plus sign (+) and go to Create server.

As in Telegram, you can add platform bots, optimize functions, go to pages like Discord Bot List or Bots on Discord to search for them. and after the desired bot is selected, it is added to the server via a link.

The Discord user can show which game is played in the profile, it is enough to activate the Activity Status option in the User Settings or press the “add” button and the name of the game in question will be added.You can also connect the service with other accounts in Twitch, Facebook, Spotify, just go to User Settings and go to Connections option.

The application contains channels for communication to occur between users only by voice. A useful mod when used as a means of communication during games. Discord also allows video calls for virtual interaction and was even used in different work environments and for users doing radio shows remotely.

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