Microsoft has announced the free games of july 2022 fromXbox Game Pass, that is, those that will arrive from the second half of the month and that will be added to the selection of titles already present in the catalog. The list includes several titles highly regarded by both the public and critics, such as Inside and Watch Dogs 2.

So let’s see what games will be available on Xbox Games Pass in the second half of July 2022:

One of the most interesting titles coming to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, besides: Watchdog 2 and the indispensable pearl Insidewe think too When dusk fallsthe new narrative adventure to be released tomorrow, July 19, and developed by Interior/Night, a team largely made up of developers from Quantic Dream.

Distinguished by a peculiar artistic style Blending 3D environments with 2D illustrations, As Dusk Falls chronicles the complicated lives of two families over the course of thirty years. From 1998 with a failed robbery, the lives of the characters will depend on the choices we make. Every family has secrets, every secret has a price.

  • Coming soon to Xbox Game Pass: As Dusk Falls, Inside, Watch Dogs 2 and more (

Source: Lega Nerd

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