Just three days before the new Congress is formed, the Senator of the Historical Pact Gustavo Bolivar Moreno had to confront a personal issue that added to his quarrel with current Senate president Roy Barreras. For selection of Inspector General.

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At 11:30 pm on Sunday, July 17, Bolivar denied allegations of an unjustified increase in his personal wealth. It even decided to publish its 2018 and 2020 income statements on the networks.

Moreover, issued a harsh message against attorney Daniel Briceño, questioning the alleged increase in the assets of the aide to the elected president Gustavo Petro a few hours ago.

“How did Senator Gustavo Bolivar change his net worth from 3,728,944,000 pesos to 8,428,058,000 pesos on his 2018 income statement? What if Briceño, an analyst and lawyer who advises members of the Colombian Justa Libres party, said he was broke and in crisis in 2020?

Although Bolivar continued to clear the tribunal against Briceño, he later invited him to report to the Prosecutor’s Office, after pointing out that several income statements he published were inaccurate.


between one and the other 3.420 million pesos difference in the gross equity section.

The Senator explained to EL TIEMPO that the reason for the two declarations from 2018 is that: initially he made a separate report on his properties in the United States.

Therefore, he had to give Dian a correction and a new explanation with corrections.

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He also said it was incorrect to characterize Briceño’s published statement as false: “Not wrong, but invalid. I have already given the right to petition the Public Official to have the corrected document updated”.

EL TIEMPO is also the judge of the 46th civil court of Bogotá environs. Embargo on 14 properties owned by Bolivar in Colombia.

The decision was made on February 22, 2021, amid a civil lawsuit filed by his former partner, Marta Nieto. For 1,100 million pesos and $150,000 in debt, for an unfulfilled contract.

Although this process was terminated three months after the implementation of the injunctive measure, due to the payment of the debt, Officially, the embargoes are still in effect.

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In fact, on May 14, 2021, the court briefed Dian about the injunctions and provided them to her. “for purposes that have space (…)”, Due to pending tax liabilities for Bolivar’s debt of 940 million pesos.

Bolívar explained that he has already reached a payment agreement with Dian, with only three installments left to pay: “They cut the big contracts I brought when I entered Congress in 2018. I ran out of money and had to pay the 1,700 million pesos declaration. I paid part of it and made a deal. But the embargoes have already been lifted,” he said.

In the face of controversy, this newspaper did the exercise of comparing the assets that Bolivar announced in 2020 with the information about their assets. Those found in databases in the United States and Colombia.

According to the senator, he has a gross equity of 8,848 million pesos; business rental income of 839 million pesos; income from capital income for 134 million pesos; and liabilities for 420 million pesos.

In Cundinamarca and Bogota, Senator Bolívar owns 12 properties. In the capital, a 243 square meter house is emerging in Usaquén, which he bought for 750 million pesos on April 9, 2013.


There is also a 77 m2 apartment with sea view in Santa Marta.

And two properties appear to his name in Miami in the United States. He bought them both in 2017 and they were the last thing he bought. The first is a 2,500-square-foot home on Keystone Island. He has access to the sea, and it cost him $1.2 million in December of that year.


In addition to his holdings in Colombia and the United States, Senator Gustavo Bolivar is currently listed as a shareholder in three companies and a foundation. In the United States, he appeared on Once Upon a Time LLC, a film and television production company registered in Miami, on January 22, 2015.

Marta Nieto Granados appeared as an executive member until the 2020 annual report, which was submitted to Florida officials on June 30. But no longer in the 2021 report, the senator’s son, Santiago Bolivar, was featured.

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The other firm in this country is Four Notes LLC, which was also a producer, registered on January 22, 2015. According to Gustavo Bolivar himself, Robert Francis Taylor Hayda appears as an authorized member along with Nicolás Tovar. He owns 40 percent of the Colombian media outlet Casa Editorial Cuarto de Hora, which he co-founded with senators, actors Gregorio Pernía and Luis Evelio Mayorga Torres.

Secondly, between 2014 and 2015, when Gustavo Petro was mayor, he signed contracts with the Bogotá Regional Integration Secretariat as the legal representative of the Challenger Foundation.

In addition, Bolivar founded the Fundación Manos Limpias Colombia in 2011, along with current congressman María Fernanda Carrascal and three others.

This NGO was also registered in the United States in 2019, and according to Florida records, Bolivar appeared as a director for two years.

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