In our last update on non-immigrant visas, we mentioned the Summer Business Travel and Camp Counselors programs.

Now that summer vacation is almost over in the United States, Some frequently asked questions about tourist visas and processing times.


We are working hard to process as many visa applications as possible, but there is still a significant backlog of nonimmigrant visa applications due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, the dating system will decide if a person needs a meeting. (Answer the questions in the questionnaire).

Just answer the questions and the system will tell you, but usually the first requirement is Colombian residency. Non-Colombian residents are not eligible.

In general, candidates under the age of 14 and over the age of 79 can apply. tourist visa without interviewif they have not previously refused their visa application (for under 14s, at least one of their parents must have a valid visa).

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Also, an interview is not usually required if the previous visa has been approved for full validity and its duration is not more than 48 months.

If you meet the requirements, the types of visas that can be renewed without the need for an interview are: B1/B2 (tourism); F1 and M1 (Student); J1 (Exchange Programs); C1/D (Team) and petition-based work visas such as H1B, O1, P1 and L (not “Blanket”).

If there is no need for an interview to renew the visa, applicants should arrange an appointment to deliver their passport to CAS in Bogota. The process takes approximately six weeks from the moment the applicant presents his passport. Appointments for passport delivery are available from 2025.

Other visa types such as student, exchange programs, crew and petition-based work visas are available for appointments in September and October of this year.

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A tourist visa can be approved for a maximum of 10 years. For citizens of Colombia and Venezuela.

Appointments for tourist visa are available from January 2025. We will open additional appointments as resources allow. Applicants should monitor the website frequently for appointment advances with more recent dates. Applicants do not miss their scheduled appointments when they call for an earlier appointment.

It is important to note that there are many people who claim to offer dating offers. Please don’t be deceived. The only place where you can make an appointment in advance is the official website of the Embassy and it is free of charge. The only fee for the tourist visa application is 160 USD.

If an applicant uses a third party to scam their application, it may affect their ability to obtain a visa in the future.

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The embassy considers making an appointment in advance for people who need to travel for emergencies. However, these assignments are only approved for life-or-death situations.

Please do not request an appointment in advance unless you have a life-or-death situation so that those who really need it can request it.

The Embassy also approves some work visas (H, I, O, L, P and R), exchange programs and appointment advances for students in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

In order to request an early appointment, you must use the appointment system on our website after making an appointment with a future date. This process is free and remember that this is the only way to book an appointment in advance – ie: you should not use any visa work or pay more for an appointment in advance.

Finally, the Embassy reminds applicants that no one should lie when making advance appointment requests. We verify the content of the applications and the person who lied on their application will not get a visa and will have a permanent record on our file.

The Embassy does not recommend using a third party to complete your visa application. It is very easy to fill out the application form on your own and there is a training video on our website.

Don’t be fooled by promises of approval, advance appointments, or other pitfalls. Please follow our official channels (social media and website) to get accurate information.

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We recommend the following:

• Fill in the DS-160 form yourself with the correct information.
• Do not buy tickets before your interview.
• If your passport is about to expire, you must renew it before applying for a visa.
• When requesting an appointment, answer correctly the classification questions asked by the system in order to avoid delays and inconveniences regarding your request.

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