WhatsApp is working to bring quick responses to states

reactions What’s up?, as expected, caught very well among users. So much so that the company is already trying to increase the options for using them. The idea in particular is to allow it to be used in more places than individual or group chats.

The truth is, WhatsApp has been making significant progress for some time to regularly offer new possibilities to its users. This way the service is improved and also preventedpossible temptations to switch to other messaging appsLike Telegram. The reality is that the perception we have is continuous improvement and that is very positive.

What is WhatsApp working on

Well, as it is known, it is requested that the reactions be brought to the states. Endangered by the little use they were given a while ago, they are now having a good time. So much so that the firm has already prepared a significant improvement – the inclusion of voicemails – and based on what has just been leaked, quick responses They will be one more possibility for users. Therefore, we are talking about an addition that, while not particularly noteworthy, will be very important. Practical.

Signs that this development will take place in the not-too-distant future are whatsapp version for android found relevant evidence for mobile devices (something about this could be seen in desktop development before). While it’s not something that works for everyone right now, there are some clear things. An example will be available at first – eight emojis that alternate between moods or congratulations. You can see an example of what we said in the picture below:

Reactions in WhatsApp states


The arrival of this new function

We do not expect a different way of working with WhatsApp. So this function will reach all test versions first to verify that everything is working as it should. Then it will take some time to be sure stability It is used by a large number of users and will be made public at that time. And when could that happen? We’ll have to wait for at least September or October of this year. So you will have to be a little patient… There is no other way.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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