Here are the moments of panic experienced by passengers who witnessed the murder of Juan Esteban Alzate On a TransMilenio bus in Bogota on Saturday night, October 8th.

In the chilling video you can see how the young man was stabbed twice in a fight over an absurd fact: a footstep in the middle of a crowded bus. Alzate, 15, was a high school student working the night shift at the Fernando Mazuera district school in the town of Bosa.

Passengers experienced moments of panic. A witness said the scene was chaotic. The screams of women and children were heard. Minutes were angry. “I heard an argument first. When I lift my face to see it, I see a man in a plaid shirt. He had a dagger in his hand. He was attacking several people. It was a way of threatening to evade the article. I was well placed.”

The witness said he was distressed when he started recording the video becauseThey were opening the black jacket of a young man who seemed to have disappeared.. “She loses consciousness.” It then crashes to the ground. Life goes.

The attacker escapes with an orange subject waiting for the articulated person to open the doors to escape. “Then we saw a lot of blood on the ground. The attacker was with other people and fled.

Eyewitnesses say that the attacker’s face changed, he became very aggressive. Then Juan Esteban’s friends get him off the bus while the others try to help him escape. Everything was chaos at that moment.

Juan Esteban had recently left his mother’s home, who lived in the Bosa Centro district of the same town, as a witness to the events accompanying the young man told this newspaper.

The young man had recently moved to the municipality of Soacha with his current emotional partner, who was there on the night of the murder. Juan Esteban Alzate was a young man devoted to reading, and as his friends and acquaintances describe, “He was a smart boy who was devoted to his work and had many plans in life.”

According to the medical report, Juan Esteban had a deep wound to his chest, while his 35-year-old friend suffered a head injury. Both were taken to the Santa Clara hospital, but Juan Estaban died at 1:30 am.

Security Minister Hannibal Fernandez de Soto TransMilenio held a lifelong ceremony at CDS-Carrera 32 station, presenting the unfortunate incident of violence in which Juan Esteban died. remembered this Up to 20 million rewards are offered for information leading to the identification and capture of those responsible.

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Source: Exame

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