SpaceX will send investor Dennis Tito, 82, and his wife to the moon. Dennis Tito is known as the world’s oldest space tourist: he already flew into space in 2001 on the Soyuz TM-32 spacecraft.

SpaceX will send an 82-year-old space tourist and his wife to the moon

The SpaceX flight was announced by Bloomberg. The publication does not name the exact date of the flights and does not reveal how much Dennis Tito and his wife Akiko paid for the ticket. It is reported that along with Tito, ten more passengers will fly on the ship.

Space travel is planned to take place on the Starship spacecraft. It has never been used for orbital flights. Before sending tourists, SpaceX intends to conduct test flights; the first should take place in November.

Dennis Tito has experience as a space tourist as a member of the Soyuz TM-32 crew. The spacecraft entered Earth orbit in 2001 and circumnavigated the Earth 128 times. Tito paid $20 million for the flight.


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