We know that Xiaomi loves to enter all kinds of markets and release any products. And it was strange that until now, when their mobile phones were focused on video games, they did not introduce an accessory for them. The new Xiaomi controller not only complements the mobile gaming experience, but also Bring a new alternative to PC.

And it does so, moreover, with very interesting ideas that, despite being inspired by the classic PlayStation controls, the truth is that they improve them in many aspects. First, the position joystick. The Xiaomi controller learned from the Xbox controller and keeping the shape of the PlayStation controller, change the position of the left stick, something more convenient for the game.

It also includes one of the most requested features by gamers: rear triggers. Although both the Xbox Elite and the PS4 controller accessory offer it, it seems to have been forgotten in this generation. And this is more than an interesting functionality for arrowsas well as on mobile devices such as Call of Duty or Fortnite.

Xiaomi remote is compatible with everything

But perhaps the most interesting option of the Xiaomi remote is its compatibility. Like consoles, it is compatible both mobile and PCand also allows you to configure up to three devices, between which we can switch using a dedicated button.

Includes gyro sensor with haptic feedback. It supports Bluetooth from both new devices to over the 5 GHz band as older over the 2.4 GHz band. But how else, it can be used with the most popular gaming systems. Of course, only PC, Smart TV or mobile. No consoles, no PlayStation, no Switch, no Xbox, despite the fact that it seems like a more interesting alternative than the standard controls of said consoles.

Of course, no matter how simple and affordable the Xiomi remote may seem, it is not cheap. In fact, its price in China is close to the regular price of traditional controls. 399 yuan, which is the same, almost 60 euros without taxes.the price of an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Be that as it may, the only unresolved question that remains is whether it will be released to international markets, as it could be more than an interesting alternative for PC gamers, at least without knowing its real-world responsiveness. conditions.

Source: Hiper Textual

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