Sony finally has the free games for PS4 and PS5 for those who are registered in the PlayStation Plus from Nov 2022. The list of games available to PS Plus subscribers this month includes:

Nioh 2 is the second installment in the critically acclaimed Team Ninja series. It is a soul-like action set in the Sengoku period and is characterized by a long-running campaign and lots of new content.

heavenly bodies is a puzzle game that puts us in the shoes of an astronaut. “Take control of the hands and arms of a 1970s cosmonaut and work your way up through a series of increasingly precarious simulated star physics scenarios where nothing stands still, nothing is safe and nothing is simple.Reads the official description.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection, finally, it is a collection that contains the two LEGO games dedicated to the most famous wizard in the world in a remastered version.

The games are partly available to PlayStation Plus subscribers from November 1 to December 6, 2022.

Source: Lega Nerd

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