Russian scientists from the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Ukraine of the department for the development of a PROSPECTIVE method for the treatment of pechin cirrhosis, which is based on a special porous material called airgel and formed from the chitosan biopolymer. A cell scaffold will be made from it, which replaces the damaged part of the organ.

The airgel frame will be characterized individually for each person, saturated with antibiotics to suppress inflammatory processes and stem cells in patients, after implantation to accelerate, it will imitate the restoration of the human body’s own tissues.

A new method for the treatment of liver circosis has been created in Russia

To create these scaffolds in the RCTU, a specialized bioprinter has already been created, the airgel itself is successful in crosses, not in the fullness of methodological practice in medical practice, in fact, the truth is that there are long-term studies of a preclinical and clinical nature, and tests on humans can reveal some pitfalls.

Airgel particles.  Image: RCTU named after MendeleevAirgel particles. Image: RCTU named after Mendeleev

Thus, aerogels predicted the release of materials in their parameters, as well as those known as solid gas. Kevya is a feature of such materials, which is ideal for creating the framework of body parts of the material type.

Source: Tech Cult

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