Horror has become perhaps one of the most explored genres in the cinematographic realm, but also in video game scripting. From “Alien Isolation” to “Resident Evil” to “Silent Hill” and “Dead Space”, many games have remained in the memory of fans for more than their unrivaled graphics: they greatly accelerated their heart rates.

While video games are as numerous as their variety, which threaten players with more than just applause, there is one game in particular that gets all the attention. With brutal suspense and loads of horror, ‘MADiSON’ has become the scariest video game of all time., According to the report ‘The Scariest Video Games of 2022’Produced by The Science of Scar Project from Broadband Choices.


Study managers measured the heart rate of at least 600 people who dared to enter the spooky, spooky and mysterious world of ‘MADiSON’. Beyond wanting to know the perceptions of the participants, they wanted to scientifically know the effects of the video game on people. And yes they did.

‘MADiSON’ caused our players’ heart rates to rise to 31 BPM (beats per minute) during gameplay, exceeding the average resting heart rate of 65 BPM during gameplay“For an average heart rate of 97 BPM, it’s equivalent to a moderate jog,” the report said.

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Developed and distributed by the Argentinean company Bloodious Games, the game took first place and beat well-known franchises such as ‘Alien Isolation’, which ranked second with an average of 95 BPM over the entire gameplay; “Resident Evil”, which took sixth place behind video games such as “Visage”, “Five Nights at Freddy’s 4” and “Outlast 2”, which achieved third, fourth and fifth places, respectively.

Infused with psychological terror, a terrifying subjective perspective, and a chilling gripping adventure, ‘MADiSON’ puts the actors in the shoes of 16-year-old Luca, who is “connected to a serial killer through an evil camera and sinister ritual”. who will try against all odds to escape his fate.

“With the help of an ‘elite’ instant camera, he connects the afterlife with the human world. Solve puzzles, explore your environment and most importantly survive. Throughout this journey, ‘MADiSON’, the ghost of a perverted murderer, will come upon you and force you to perform a terrible ritual”, writes in the synopsis of the game.

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The video game, which has earned the title of world’s scariest game by its own merit, is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox Series.

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