The inflationary effect felt in the country this year can be transferred to 2023 by strongly affecting the prices of various services. real estate rentalAs stated in Article 20 of Law No. 820 of 2003, historically rising relative to the amount caused by inflation.


Again, High inflation exceeding 12.53 percent in November annual changeworries many, and even within the construction industry, it is recommended that the way rents are determined should be reassessed in concerted increments.

“We want the deals to actually be implemented because we know that exorbitant hikes could turn out or that the fees would suddenly exceed the true value of a rental,” the company told Blu Radio. Karina Reyes, President of Fedelonjas, The person who proposes a bargain between the tenant and the landlord so that the raise is lower than inflation.

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By law, homeowners can use the ceiling as inflation for rent increases.

It should be noted that there is no sudden increase in all rentals, because the adjustment must be applied at the time of renewal of each lease agreement already concluded during 2023.

The impact may be felt more strongly for those whose rent will be paid in the first quarter, as inflation is expected to start falling from next year.

Source: Exame

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