Millions of people are waiting for the next release in Fortnite. game development company will bring the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most important film festivals in the cinematographic world, to your home.

Brut company, one of the partners of the festival, joined forces with Epic Games to make an immersive game where users can have an unforgettable experience. What’s more, players will be able to enjoy three professions’ events.

According to the news of ‘Variety’ magazine, The characters to be selected will be a journalist, actor or film director. In that sense, depending on who you choose, you can do interviews, audition for a role, walk the red carpet, search the pages of a script, and even take on assignments involving participation or climate change topics.

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In addition, with the intervention of Vysena, one of the French studios specializing in virtual maps, the idea of ​​​​moving the characters throughout the festival comes up. ultra realistic maps.

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Guillaume Lacroix, Brut’s co-founder and CEO, told the media that ‘Variety’ is extremely important to him. to bring the festival to more people.

It was important for us to bring the Cannes Film Festival into a format that will be used by future generations. Video game platforms are an excellent way to engage this generation.Lacroix explained.

There’s no specific date yet for the festival’s rollout in Fortnite, but Brut has released a preview of what the venues will look like, so video game lovers will be gearing up to join the impressive celebration.

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In addition, the company, which took on the mission of making the festival a more open space, decided to organize a festival. “House of Creators”.

The initiative focuses on getting 100 creators from all over the world the opportunity to meet and talk with famous directors, producers, actors and agents.

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