Cundinamarca Fire Delegate Captain Álvaro Fernando Farfán spoke about the fire at a mattress factory on 80th Street on Wednesday night.

(Video: dramatic attempt by factory workers to put out the fire on Calle 80)

“Today, the official balance of the table presented in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Cota is that at approximately 9:40 a.m. a structural fire was reported on emergency phones at a Santa Fe foam company, which promptly stepped in, Farfán said, “all first responders are done.”

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Likewise, the official Bogotá firefighters went into action with a total of 150 men. that we have both firefighters; Red Cross; Civil defense; Emergency Response Center located in both Cundinamarca and Bogotá; Road Concession, Public Companies of Cundinamarca; Stating that “staff from the Cota municipality public administration and the Governor’s Office,” the Minister drew attention to the response received in the face of the emergency.

Studies were removed this Wednesday night, but a group continued to monitor the situation. “Since it is now around 9 pm, today’s work is considered finished. “Leaving this fire under 95 percent control,” the captain said.

“At the moment, monitoring of some small resources, which does not pose any more risk but requires us to do continuous monitoring all night long. Work was reactivated around 6 am with the fire personnel of the Rosal Municipality responsible for the emergency, as well as the staff from the Cota municipality Administration,” he concluded.

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Although the large-scale fire that broke out on Wednesday morning, January 4, was brought under control by firefighters, That agency reported that around 4:30 in the afternoon, the fire flared up again and there were structures on the verge of collapse.

As the fire brigade stated, the fire was first reported in a mattress factory where LPG cylinders were mixed. However, the rapidly advancing flames also reached another neighboring factory.

around 4:30 pm caught fire again because in this class of industrial fires there is too much material which is not enough to intensify the fire. foam or retardant chemical

Faced with this situation, the units organize operations to prevent the structures at risk from causing problems to the units that will enter the region.

Due to the emergency, Authorities have closed Calle 80 to prevent vehicular traffic. A lane opened around 3pm, so mobility in the area was restricted.

There is also a warning for the flames to grow, as there are two gas stations close to the sector.

Alternative routes recommended by the authorities are Calle 13 or via Suba – Cota.

The fire was recorded with videos taken by people passing by during this time.

As reported by the Bogotá Official Fire Service, The emergency is being handled by Carrera 115 in a building on Calle 80 to put out the fire with three fire extinguishers., one for flammable liquids, a tanker and a pickup truck with personnel. There has been no news of the injured so far.

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Source: Exame

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