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Sunday, June 23, 2024
Home Gaming If you have a Nintendo Switch, you need these PlayStation protection drawer...

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you need these PlayStation protection drawer cabinets.


The Nintendo Switch console is the only one that has an integrated screen with two Joy-con controllers on either side. Since you can also play with her on TV… why not turn it into a giant Nintendo Switch?

Maybe a little extreme for a family room, but for a playroom it’s spectacular. It’s also a very practical idea.

WishIWoodWorkshop sells some on Etsy nintendo switching cabinets which are attached to the sides of the TV to turn it into giant nintendo switch. And these are full-featured cabinets:

these plugins made to measuredepending on the size of your TV so that they fit perfectly.

may be fully customize both in color schemes to match your true joys, and in the interior design of the cabinets.

It’s okay to put shelves for storing games, joycons, headphones, etc. But there are also boxes that some on the net call “anti-PlayStation boxes” because, well, They are used to store a PS3 or PS4 that you no longer use because you have a Switch…:

Nintendo Wiring Cabinets

Jokes aside, I must admit that the idea is very original and attractive. The detailing of the buttons is excellent, they are also used as latches for opening the cabinet.

These are not only decorative cabinets, they can save your life. If you have a small game room and no space for your games or peripherals. In these cabinets you will protect them from shock and dust.

OLED switch

Unfortunately, their price nintendo switching cabinets it is not cheap. Probably because they customize them as much as possible, both in size for your TV, and in colors and internal design.

Each cabinet costs about 725 euros, apart from transport. An expensive whim that many hesitated to buy: 20 copies for sale sold out in a few hoursand since you have to make them manually one by one, at the moment they are no longer accepting until the current orders run out.

Source: Computer Hoy

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