After a judge issues an arrest warrant for the American John Nelson Poulos, boyfriend of murdered DJ Valentina Trespalacios, whose body was found in a suitcase in the town of Fontibón, justified his hasty departure from the country.

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chicks He was detained at Tucumen airport in Panama City on the night of Tuesday, January 24..

According to The man left Colombia because the Medellín cartel sought to kill him and they were responsible for the 21-year-old girl’s crime..

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yes ok, It is clear that blaming the mafia is an excuse for the authorities, which coincides with the versions of those close to Trespalacios, who assured that the American would have ties to the Sinaloa cartel..

According to Panamanian officials, man bought tickets to Istanbul, Turkey in cash.

Moreover, They assure you that you have another ticket in hand. Authorities say Poulos again bought plane tickets to Brazil with cash to mislead investigators.

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Due to versions of the alleged links between Poulos and the mafia, the authorities do not dismiss this type of investigation.

Actually, They’re verifying the security cameras and the places the man visited in Mexico in the company of determine whether it is due to a touristic trip or some other subject.

according to researchers Poulos always carried large sums of cash with him, and this trip was paid for for a trip to Cancun, as well as to Brazil and Turkey.. The data stands out because Poulos in Wisconsin is a financial intermediary dedicated to stock market investments.

EL TIEMPO has determined that Carlos Fernando Triana, commander of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, will travel to Panama with Dijín commander Olga Patricia Salazar to enforce his arrest warrant. against Poulos.

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Officers have until 6 pm to present the document, otherwise Panama can decide whether to return the document to Colombia or deport it. to their countries of origin.

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