Although there is increasing competition in the market for foldable terminals, an example is the entry of companies such as VIVO, SAMSUNG He is the one who rules the segment with an iron fist. To keep it that way, the Korean company is working on a new model that will have an integrated accessory as one of its biggest attractions.

We are talking about the integration of the famous and the useful stylus S Pen After abandoning the firm’s extinct range of Note terminals, it’s being deployed in a wide variety of phones. One of them will be the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. It is a model that is expected to be announced this summer and will increase its usefulness as it includes a stylus pen that fits on large screens like a glove.

In this way, the device we are talking about will be the first this will have a corresponding hole where the pen is stored when not in use (and loaded to offer all its functions when removed). In this way, we want to normalize the use of the S Pen with this range, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to include the default accessory in the range. Standard Model and not having to resort to a specific one. The thing is, this is very good news.

Some things need to change in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

The first thing is a more layers on screen It’s the team responsible for recognizing vibrations with the pen and, frankly, making sure that the component that characterizes the Galaxy Fold doesn’t cause any problems with its folding. Also, if the information is confirmed, this will make the expected Super UTG inclusion a reality, which offers greater resistance in the panel without losing usability or image quality.

Front of Samsung Galaxy Fold with S Pen stylus

apple lab 2

Additionally, you have to interior redesign To make room to store the S Pen. It remains to be seen whether this has any impact on autonomy (by having to reduce the size of the battery cells) or when choosing different important components such as those related to communication or storage itself.

A few more things about this terminal

Apart from what is said to be one of the biggest innovations of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, hinge to integrate more durable and easy to use, and of course there will be an improvement in the main hardware, everything here indicates that the RAM will be a minimum of 8 GB and the processor will be 1 GB. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Therefore, the strength of this folding phone will be beyond doubt.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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